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Hi – I'm Craig, a front-end web developer. I stem from an educated background in computing and web development. I have always had an interest in technology and the web which inevitably led me to website design and development. My web career started in 2010 while studying a Computer Science course and taking an online course with Treehouse on web design. I learnt much about the internet and how it will continue to affect our future for the better. I keep up to date with the latest technologies in my field and incoparte the latest and best supported frameworks into my projects such as Bootstrap and javascript framweworks including JQuery, Angular and React.


London, UK based freelance full-stack web developer & web designer. Specialising in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, IOS and responsive designs. I design and manage websites for individuals, small businesses and organisations in order to gain a professional and affordable presence on the web.

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Craig Weston
Responsive Website Design
Content Management System For Your Business

Updating and making changes to your website is a must for all businesses wishing to stay up to date and on the ball. Custom built WordPress themes and Magenta orientated websites allow you to make changes as and when you need without any coding abilities

Touchscreen & Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile technology is on the up and has will (if not already) surpass the number of traditional desktop computers. Smartphones and tablets are an effective medium for interactive design and engagement. They allow for easier access to the internet from all over the world so don't miss out! I design websites which work seamlessly on all platforms and web browsers while building specific touch screen friendly applications.

Business Strategy Development

From a static, single page website to fully responsive web driven apps, I can help your business create exciting, engaging content and focus on what is required to successfully execute your online strategy.

Front-End Developer & UI designer

A keen eye for user interfaces and building designs which are both intuiative and aesthetically pleasing. I have a passion for design and technology which helps me to build and develop perceptive intefaces.

Recent Work

What I Do

I'm a front end developer based in Luton, Bedfordshire. I specialise in HTML5, CSS3 and responsive website design.

Creative Design

Every website is beautiful, unique and tailored to suit your needs and requirements. My focus is on bringing the web to life and highlighting your business in the best possible.

I speicialise in responsive website design design and use a mobile first approach in my coding. They will look great on desktop, tablets and mobile phones too.


A responsive website is a must for any company looking to stay ahead and up to date with the technological world. This simply means that your site will workl on any screen including mobile phones, tablets, PC's and just about any other screen size you can think of. A functional website that works well and looks great across all of these screen sizes will mean your company can have a broader reach and appeal to more clients and visitors to your website. With smartphones and tablets now surpassing the number of traditional desktop computers and laptops; having a mobile friendly website is critical to an online presence.

User Form and App Designs

I build custom HTML5 forms that work across all platforms and are designed in a way that allow easy and hassle free data entry. Website forms are an eccelent way to capture user information and provide help and support to that user. They are a vital part of any modern website incorporating web 2.0.

Easy To Customize

From a static, single page website to fully responsive web driven apps, I can build a website to meet your companies requirements and give your company to potential to succeed. With custom wordpress themes, I can build a CMS that will allow your staff to update your site with ease.

Money Saver

Websites are not only a marketing tool but they are essentuial if you want your bussiness to grow and diverge into newer and bigger markets. They can also help improve your companies operation and improve efficency in the workplace. I can also build and design IOS applications. Please message me below if you are interested.

SEO Friendly

All of my websites are built in a way that allows people to easily find it via search engines like Google. A fast website attracts more visitors and keeps customer satidafaction at a high. Furthermore, website speed is an essential part of modern websites and especially for SEO as faster websites rank higher in seach engines such as Google.

Treehouse - Career Development

Skills acquired so far...

I work closely with Treehouse for my training and further development in all things to do with tech and web development. I have been using the site for over 6 years and have found it really useful for keeping up to date with the lastest changes in web development and design. They have a vast array of courses and the best teachers from all types of programming / coding backgrounds. I have recently started learning SWIFT, the programming langauge developed by apple for IOS development and have recently succesfully publiched my first app on the IOS app store for Regtransfers.

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Work Process

What will happen when we work together? I follow these four stages of the development cycle.

This is the most efficent and effective way of ensuring we can build a website which suits your needs.












HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
PHP 70%
SQL 80%
IOS 70%

I Build Great Websites

Being a full stack developer, I can develop any website from database driven web applications to a small static website. Every website is custom built and uses the most up to date and methodical techniques to ensure you website is miles ahead. I ensure my websites are fast, mobile friendly, scalable.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're probably right."


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